How To Choose The Correct Carpet Cleaning Style?

Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach

How do you know that it’s high time to clean the carpet? Well, when you see a pile of dirt and dust sticking to your carpet which is easily visible to everyone.

For maintaining aesthetic upkeep, the carpet should be clean at regular intervals. However, people like to take the shortcut, and this is the reason why they sometimes go for a wrong carpet cleaning method.

If you want your place clean and tidy, follow carpet cleaning guidelines given by experts in Carpet cleaning in Palm Beach. Following the tips and tricks shared by professionals or taking timely professional assistance is the best way to restore the beauty of your carpet and home.

Which Commercial Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best For You?

If you think that carpet cleaning only includes washing and drying the carpet, then you are wrong. There are many methods of carpet cleaning; however, methods depending on the area.

Choosing the proper carpet cleaning method is a must to maintain the quality of the carpet and its fabric. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the methods used in commercial areas.

  1. Dry (Powder) Method

First of all, it’s not entirely a dry method because the cleaner uses some chemical powder and dampens the carpet a little with detergent to clean the dirt. It is effective in stain removal, but on the other hand, the powder can cause some issues.

  1.     Steam Method

It is done with the help of steam and hot water, therefore also known as the wet method. The machine sprays the chemical on the carpet, and the pressurized hot water extracts help remove the dirt and chemical solution from the carpet.

However, many companies avoid this method because of the locking of moisture in the carpet. 

  1.     Bonnet Cleaning Method

Using the bonnet method will eliminate the warranty of the carpet; therefore, use it accordingly.

To use it wisely, you need to spray the chemical in small amounts and then clean them properly so that it won’t degrade the Carpet quality. 

Which method is best to use?

Well, every method has its pros and cons, so it depends on you which type of carpet cleaning you want. Go for the dry process if you don’t want any moisture in your carpet, or you can try the steam or wet method if you like to deep clean the carpet.

Therefore, choose the method wisely so that it can help you in achieving your goal as well as save your time and effort. Don’t go for shortcuts or you can take some experts opinion by contacting our Palm Beach experts who will help you decide which carpet cleaning technique is perfectly suitable for your company.